Three members stand outside the fire hall in front of their new rescue truck on a cloudy day.

Photo Credit: Woss Volunteer Fire Department

Woss Volunteer Fire Department Gets New Wheels

Volunteer fire crews are the big hearts at work in small places

The ’94 Suburban was a loyal truck, but it’s time for an upgrade

The Woss Volunteer Fire Department has a big job. Firefighters are often the first to respond to wildfires in the area, especially the remote ones that are hard to reach. They even go on field missions to big fires on the mainland.

They help put out house fires. They helped when the logging train derailed in April 2017. And they help when people crash their cars on Highway 19.

But they have a small budget. So they have to make a little go a long way.

So it was a big deal when they got a grant to buy a new truck. They’ve been out there saving lives in a 1994 Suburban for a long time.

Don’t get me wrong; it was a loyal truck. It worked as hard as anyone on the crew.

But when the VFD got $40,000 from the Fire Chiefs Association of British Columbia Road Rescue Grant program, it was time for an upgrade.

The crew’s newest member is a 2016 Ford F-250 4×4 with a canopy, flashing lights, and a siren.

Applewood GM in Port Hardy even threw in a new set of tires to recognize the VFD’s hard work.

Just a reminder, the Woss VFD is always looking for new crew members. They’re looking for all ages and genders. They meet Mondays at the fire hall at 4505 Macrae Road, or you can find them on FaceBook.

Volunteers train with other departments in the region, so you can learn to use the hoses and equipment.

As they say on their FaceBook page, “All you need to be is at least 18 years old and in good health. Admit it—you know you’ve always wanted to wear that uniform. It’s time to live the dream.”