Dancers Jacksun Fryer and Carlow Rush of Funkanometry.

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Annie Lennox Sings Praises Of VanIsle Dance Duo

They're just getting started

The iconic pop legend gives her seal of approval to “Funkanometry”

A young VanIsle dance team has been catching some big attention lately!

“Funkanometry” is a hip hop and popping duo from Nanaimo made up of Jacksun Fryer (19) and Carlow Rush (20).

“We met as kids in the local dance scene and just clicked over our similar dance styles and a healthy commitment to good times. We became Funkanometry in 2016, and we’ve been having a blast ever since!”

With the pandemic, they took to social media where they’ve been growing their ‘Funk Fam” with every fun-loving post.

Last week, Annie Lennox, legendary pop singer decided it was time for her to join the Funk Family!

She gave the duo a shout out on Twitter for their performance to “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).” (They dance to the Eurythmics version, you know, before Marilyn Manson made it goth.)

“Wowza! I just saw this incredible interpretation of Sweet Dreams … Gentlemen, you’re amazing! Thanks for choosing our song! P.S. Who are you?” she tweeted.

YouTube video
This is the performance she was talking about! In the video they’re dancing to the song in Pioneer Plaza, downtown Nanaimo.

The group don’t only perform on social media though, and Annie isn’t the only celebrity who’s been noticing them.

The duo really has been “travelling the world and the seven seas lately.”

They recently wrapped up a heck of a run on “Americas Got Talent,” making it through to the semi-finals, with the notoriously harsh Judge Simon Cowell calling them “one of my favourites.”

And when Cowell gives you the seal of approval, it goes a long way.

“Suddenly we’re influencers as well as dancers!” they said.

“We both have similar styles, goofy personalities and we LOVE to entertain… Putting that FUNKI energy out there and getting it back from our audiences is the best feeling ever.”

The duo is definitely reaching new heights, and they don’t seem to be coming down anytime soon.

As they put it, “Can’t wait to see what happens next. Let’s GOOOO!!!”