Photo Credit: Michal | HikingIsGood

Two of BC’s Most Dangerous Hiking Routes Are on Vancouver Island

Find out what you're getting yourself into before you head out

There’s been a huge increase in search and rescue calls so the BC Search and Rescue Association is stretched thin

BC’s Search and Rescue Association wants you to be safe on the trail. But, they are also stretched thin because of the huge increase in rescue calls. “There was a 30 percent increase in search and rescue calls there with COVID,” said Sandra Riches, executive director of AdventureSmart.

So they have partnered with BC’s Adventure Smart Program to make safety videos for the most dangerous hikes in the province so that hikers can know exactly what they are getting themselves into before they go out. What are the most dangerous hikes, you ask?

The top 11 trails that generate the most 911 calls, as identified by BCSARA, are:

  • Stawamus Chief Trail (Squamish)
  • Juan de Fuca Trail (VanIsle – Juan de Fuca Provincial Park)
  • Eagle Bluff Trail (West Vancouver)
  • Mt Seymour Trail (North Vancouver)
  • Skywalk South Trail (Whistler)
  • Howe Sound Crest Trail (West Vancouver)
  • Golden Ears Summit Trail (Maple ridge)
  • Grouse Grind Trail (North Vancouver)
  • Mt. Albert Edward Trail (VanIsle – Strathcona Provincial Park)
  • Black Tusk Trail (Squamish)
  • Hanes Valley Trail (North Vancouver)

Please note: The British Columbia Search and Rescue Association and its affiliates make no representations, warranties or disclosures of any kind and do not assume any liability for the information provided on these videos.